Engagement models
Choosing of an appropriate engagement model provides cost reduction without loss of quality. Engagement model ensures desired level of control, responsibility and flexibility.
Sfxdx is aware that each project requires its own engagement model. That’s why we are using three types:Time and Material,Dedicated Team, andFixed Price.
Time and Material
Time and Material
Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
Fixed price
Fixed price
Time & Material
A cost-effective model where the amount of money you spend corresponds to the amount of work delivered.
The client and the vendor agree upon an hourly rate for the allocated project resources. This engagement model is often preferred because it offers flexibility to change requirements on the fly, ability to balance project resources, and spread the workload.
Choose Time & Material Engagement Model when:
  • You have constantly evolving or unclear requirements
  • It’s a large project with numerous iterations planned
  • Your developments needs will deviate over the time
  • You appreciate transparency in customer-vendor relationships
Dedicated Team

Being the simplest approach to outsourcing engagement, it will work well for a long-standing relationship and long-term projects, although it requires vast managerial experience and extensive technology background, largely, on the part of the client’s team. The supplier normally takes a big deal of responsibility above the dedicated team performance with due consideration to motivation aspect.

Choose Dedicated Team Engagement Model when:
  • You need more manpower for the in-house development team
  • You are fond of cross-border knowledge sharing and bringing in outside minds
  • You have a fair vision of how your project should evolve and have enough time and resources to keep abreast of all the management aspects
Fixed Price
This model will never work without thorough initial planning, estimation, and analysis sessions. The more planning you do, the better the outcome.

Fixed price model is best suited for small to medium-sized projects. The main benefit of selecting this particular engagement model is predefined and fixed project’s budget, which means you know exactly how much you are going to spend on your product, but the cost may vary widely because of the smallest changes in the scope.

Choose Fixed Price Engagement Model when:
  • Requirements are clear, well defined and unlikely to change
  • You deal with small or medium project which won’t last for more than few months
  • You used to outsource similar projects before
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